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2021-2022 Reflections Winners

Theme- I Can Change The World By...

6 entries moved up to Central Hudson Regional Level

 2 entries moved up to NYS Level and received NYS Reflections Award of Merit

Visual Arts: Gabriel Degala, Samantha Lee

Photography: Michelle Gill

Literature: Cordelia Pestone

Dance Choreography: Michelle Gill 

Film Production: Michelle Gill 

  Visual Arts Category Awards

 Award of Excellence

1. Suhani Patel

2. Nay Grillo

3. Sarah Passman

4. Ana Schroer

Outstanding Interpretation:

  1. Hannah Sung

  2. Maya Mahadeo

Honorable Mention:

  1. Galina Peterburgskaya

  2. Kate Frae

Enjoy the Gallery of Visual Arts, Photography & Literature Entries!

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