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South PTSA awards eleven $500 scholarships to graduating Seniors. Seniors may access application on Naviance. 

  • Academic (3)

  • Viking (3)

  • Service (2)

  • Service-James Vitale Memorial (1)

  • Special Achievement (1)

  • Kenneth Zebrowksi Memorial (1)

*Please note: qualified candidates must be PTSA Student Member for BOTH Junior and Senior years. BECOME A MEMBER by visiting our Givebacks/Memberhub Store.

Scholarships & Grants: Welcome

Student Impact Grants

In 2022, South PTSA established four $250 CHSS PTSA Student Impact Grant available to Clarkstown High School South teachers and staff. The purpose of these grants are to fund curricular, extra curricular, or educational support programs or activities that have a positive impact on student learning, health, wellness, college and career readiness, community involvement ( i.e. citizenship) and the overall high school experience.

To APPLY FOR GRANT teacher or staff must be a CHSS PTSA member. Scan QR code or go to the click link above for application. If you are not a PTSA member yet, BECOME A MEMBER by visiting our Givebacks/Memberhub Store.

Scholarships & Grants: Welcome
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